'Home Alone' House for Sale: Ahhhhhh! (PHOTOS)

home alone house for saleOne of the most famous houses in America is available in the Chicago suburb of Winnetka, Illinois, as the Home Alone house is now for sale for $2.4 million. This four bedroom, five bathroom Georgian colonial is being sold by the owners who also lent their family home to filming the John Hughes classic, Home Alone, where the home played almost as big a role as Joe Pesci. This red brick expansive home has the distinction of being visited by the Japanese Ambassador to the United States. Apparently he was a big Macaulay Culkin fan. So you're not just buying a magnificent property on the North Shore, you're buying an institution.

However, I must warn you, there are some really compelling reasons to stay away from the stately home that gets Lake Michigan breezes in the summer.

  • There are some burglars who are really, really, really, obsessed with getting into this home. I mean, really.
  • Today it's the Japanese Ambassador stopping by, tomorrow it's the Republican candidates for President. You've been warned.

home alone house for sale

  • Everyone who drops by will insist on tobagganing down the stairs (as seen here) and out the front door. You're going to have to buy extra insurance for that.
  • Ditto for people trying to fit through the doggie door.
  • Expect to be asked for comment when/if Maccaulay Culkin winds up in Celebrity Rehab.

home alone house for sale

  • No more fabulous '80s kitchen. Nice update, but don't you prefer the prep school look?
  • You will always wonder if you left a kid behind on every single family vacation. And if, god forbid, you ever do -- you're going to be national news for a long, long, time.

Images via Coldwell Banker

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