Amazing Toasters So Hot They're Cool

Breville Radio ToasterThere’s cool toaster news today! Wait, it's not cool ...  it’s toasty!

I’m not saying I have an unhealthy relationship with warm, crusty bread. I’m saying that last week, my 2-year-old daughter said to me, “I want toast,” and when I took the bread out of the fridge and went to pop a slice in the you-know-what-er, she put a tiny hand up and said, “No, don’t put it in there. I want… cold toast.”

Bread. My daughter doesn’t even know the word for bread, because I’m such a devotee of toast.

So grab the margarine and pip-free raspberry preserves, we’re taking a toast journey through the biggest things since sliced bread.


That little gem above is the Breville FM Radio Toaster. I know! It’s nuts! Just as we’re all figuring out the best way to stream our iPods through the kitchen stereo, here they come with this old-school counter-space hog! If you’re the kind of family that still has a turntable with shelves full of vinyl, this is almost certainly the toaster for you. It's only available in the UK right now, because I guess it's 1972 there?

RoastieOn the other hand, and at the other end of the technological spectrum -- were you are the kind of kid who’d peek around the edge of the refrigerator door to see just when the light went off? Then you probably also wondered what really goes on inside that toaster. (Or you need to re-up your meds.) Well, here’s your new toaster, science kid: Roastie, the brainchild of a Polish design student named Mateusz Glowka, browns your bread in the center of a transparent sphere, like Jodie Foster in Contact. Sadly, Roastie is just a prototype right now, but we can dream, can’t we?

While we’re on the subject, I have to admit that although I love the smaller footprint of my two-slice toaster, I mourn the loss of toasted-cheese sandwiches. Sure, I can make a version in the microwave (make toast, put cheese in the middle, wrap in paper towel, nuke for the minimum amount of time that’ll melt the cheese), and I could fire up the oven, and I can always make the fatty-fat-fat buttery skillet version, but sometimes the stomach wants what it wants.

Enter this post from an avid Jamie Oliver-watcher. In it, she details a seemingly throwaway detail: while talking about something else entirely, Oliver throws together a quick lunch for his kids by turning his toaster sideways. The bottom piece has cheese on it; when the toast is done, he mashes them together, et voila: toasted cheese without the skillet. Oh em gee!

Of course I tried it immediately and my toaster started smoking and smelled like burning. But that could be because I have never emptied the crumbs out of the bottom.

Do you love toast? Toasters? Toasted cheese? Toes? Tell us in the comments!

Images via Breville, Glowka

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