Gas Prices Explode Across Nation (POLL)

gas prices top $4 a gallon

Gas station

As someone who just spent $50 filling up my tank with $4.55/gallon gas, these gas increases we're facing are putting a serious dent in my family's budget. Throwing $100 at our cars every week is so not cool. And even though this is Los Angeles, the rest of you around the USA will soon be feeling more pain at the pump as well.


Apparently gas prices should hit $4 a gallon all over the country any day now. Does anyone else feel like these increases are unbelievably arbitrary? That comes out to about an extra $5 to $12 per fill-up depending on what your previous gas rate was in your neighborhood. For us, we just went up about $8 from what we'd been spending, so an extra $16 a week has got to be found somewhere.

A few options that would work, but I totally don't love:

  • Brown bagging the lunch two extra times per week.
  • Taking the bus or walking when it doesn't involve kid travel. (Have you ever been on the bus in LA? Didn't think so.)
  • No more lunch and ice cream adventure when I pick up my daughter early on Fridays. (Boo!)
  • Pretend I was drinking four lattes per week, and now I won't be!

While these options don't actually hurt -- they just make me a little sad -- some people don't have these luxuries at all and are hurting by the inevitable summer gas gouge. Cutting out lattes isn't the answer here, and it's going to be much harder to make ends meet when you have to fill up your car once a week. Anyone have any good ideas to stretch that weekly fill-up, besides buying a Prius? 

Exactly how much are you spending at the pump, America? Gas watch '11 is on!

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