House That Called 9-1-1 Should Dial Ghostbusters Next

house calls 911We've all seen the feel-good news reports of toddlers calling 9-1-1, saving a life, which is beyond great. I'm sure I saw a story once about a cat dialing the emergency number ... maybe it was a dog ... or a hamster. Those newfangled devices in cars also call 9-1-1 when there is an accident. But did you hear the one about the house that dialed 9-1-1 ... for itself?

Yup, a house in Marblehead, Massachusetts dialed for help. It had toxic mold covering the walls, 5 feet of water in the basement, ceilings caving in, it was a disaster. So ... it called for help. Really. By itself. Let me go one step further to make this point: NO ONE WAS HOME.

All of those toddler-pet-car calling 9-1-1 stories: great, super, make me feel warm and fuzzy. House calling 9-1-1: creepy.

Anyone else thinking about Carol Anne and staying away from the light?


They are saying that the water damage caused the phone lines to short-circuit or something and dial the emergency number. And they said the house didn't talk, just hung up. Operators tried to call back and got static on the other end, so they sent police to check it out.

When the police arrived and found the nastiness inside, well, no one could blame the house for its cry for help. People are speculating that the owner had been out of town when a pipe burst and unleashed the havoc on the house.

Me? I don't buy it. Remember, the operators got static when they called back ... static is always eerie, an omen of something amiss (like a haunting, people). With all of the toxic mold, who knows if they checked all of the closets or the attic ... again, places where disturbed individuals tend to hide and lurk. And what's scrawled on the walls behind that mold, hmmmm?

When you think about it, I am surprised we haven't heard about a house doing this before now. An abode calling out for help. There are many atrocities going on in houses that require saving from: Christmas decorations left up year-round, bad paint choices, Hummel figurines.

Do you have something in your house that would make it call 9-1-1?


Image via eflon/Flickr

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