Dog Goes to Super Hero Lengths to Survive House Fire

belgian malinoisThey weren't messing around when they said "good things come in threes." First, there was the Royal Wedding to boost the overall morale in a few countries. Then there was Osama bin Laden. Now there's Mia, the amazing Belgian Malinois, who managed to protect herself from dying in a fire by hiding in a bathtub filled with water. Can you believe it?

We all think dogs are smart and human-like, but Mia is crazy. Not only did she know to run down to the lowest level of the house as firefighters doused the home with water -- because that's where the water was dripping -- she knew to get into the bathtub, which had filled up. And she had to open four doors to get there!


I can't imagine ever coming home to a house engulfed in flames. Never mind the fact that there would be nowhere to live and all the memories that would be lost, my dog! Nothing -- nothing -- would be more heart-breaking that that. The Brumbys, the owners of the South Carolina home that burned to the ground, must have been so thrilled to learn that their little baby Mia had survived the atrocity in spite of the grim odds.

When firefighters brought the doggie out of the house, she was wet, dazed, and covered in soot. "She literally had steam coming off her," Chris Brumby said. He also said he wasn't all that surprised that she survived:

She acts like a human for most things. And that kind of showed it. She knew where to go and hide.

That is one smart doggie you've got there, Chris Brumby. I don't think that too many dog owners, such as myself, are all that confident that their pups would do the same.

It's tragic that the Brumbys lost their home, but imagine the delight they must have felt when they learned that Mia was okay. Chris stated:

That was a pretty special moment for us, because she's definitely part of the family.

Aw. Clearly, she knows it. Good girl.

How amazing is Mia?


Image via Intrepid Malinois/Flickr

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