Most People's Dream Home Is a Mom's Nightmare

white houseI often ask those "what if" questions. What if I won the lottery? What if I dyed my hair? What if my husband was actually an alien? What if I lived somewhere other than my apartment? It is fun to ask myself these questions, yet it drives my husband crazy, but I showed him that other people ask themselves questions like this too ... and some even reveal their answers.

Someone did a survey to see what people would answer to the following question: if you could live anywhere other than your house for a week, where would you live: a tree house, the White House, a life-size Barbie dream house, the Brady Bunch house, or none of the above.

What do you think got the most votes?


It was almost a tie -- 34 percent said they would want to live in a tree house, while 33 percent said the White House. That life-size Barbie dream house garnered 14 percent and 13 percent said Brady Bunch house. The White House I get ... get to peek behind the velvet curtain, get to see a bit of history, get to hang with President Obama and the First Family. But a tree house? Really? Outside with bugs, sleeping bag, and not so great toilet availability? Huh?

A mere 6 percent said none of the above. I actually fall in this group. I don’t need a house, per se, which is why I would pick a fabu hotel. Think about it -- at an awesome five-star hotel, they do all of the housework, they do your laundry, they make your beds, they cook your food. Seriously, any mom in their right mind would pick a hotel to stay in for a week.

If it had to be a house, give me an island house -- on Necker Island, where I can hang with Sir Richard Branson. Or one of Oprah's houses. Or George Clooney's Italian villa ... oh yeah.

Where would you want to live for a week?


Image via MCS@flickr/Flickr

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