Mug Buying Guide Based on Mom’s Personality Type

coffee mugs for momsI like a good coffee mug. A good mug can make your morning, start your day off with that little kick you need to push it from "Good" to "Dy-no-mite" on the Day-O-Meter. I love getting mugs as presents, I love giving mugs as gifts.

Mugs. Yes, don't underestimate the power of a favorite mug. But finding that favorite mug is a whole other story. If you are thinking of giving a mug to the mama in your life this Mother's Day, I've scoured and surfed and come up with ideas for every type of mom in your life.


For the Flower-Loving Mom

Is the mom of the house a gardener? Does she love the cheeriness of fresh bouquets around the house? This Unikko Mug (Unikko means "poppy" in Finnish, donchaknow) from Crate & Barrel’s new Marimekko store comes in red, blue, black, and plum. She’ll be so cheery, you’ll wonder what else is in that mug.

Unikko mug

For the Traveling Mom

Face it, we are all "on-the-go" moms. Sometimes, we need to take our java with us. The Good Grip LiquiSeal Travel Mug from OXO is easy to open one-handed (great for the mom pushing the stroller, natch). At $19.99, the price is pretty easy too.

oxo travel mug

For the Tea-Loving Mom

There are some moms who don’t drink coffee (I look at them in awe as I nurse my third Venti of the day). Whether it's chai tea, English Breakfast, or chamomile, this Tea Mug is so cool, with the little cutout for her tea bag tag -- only $20 from the MoMA Store.

MOMA tea mug

For the Royal Wedding-Obsessed Mom

Is your mama is still talking about how gorgeous Princess Catherine’s dress was? Did she wake up at 4 a.m. and re-watch the ceremony eight times over the weekend? She already has the Royal Wedding teddy bear, so get her this limited edition mug from Zazzle for $16.95.

royal wedding mug

For the Classic Mom

Every mom is a classic ... and nothing says classic like Vera Wang. Seriously, check out the Glisse Mug from the famous designer's line at Macy's. For only $19, this elegant mug will match your mother's awesome sense of style.

vera wang mug

For the Bookworm-y Mom

Is your mom addicted to her Nook or Kindle? Does she have a stack of books next to her bed as high as the night-table? The whimsical mug with a gold-rim from Kate Spade is perfect for her to sip java from as she reads the latest for her book club. Snag it from Macy's for only $20.  

kate spade mug

Do you have a favorite coffee mug?


Image via Ballistick Coffee Boy/Flickr

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