Billionaire Destroys $44 Mil Mansion in Temper Tantrum

billionaire tears down mansion to make new one
What's Wrong With This Mansion?
Oh, to be rich and ridiculous. Super wealthy hedge fund manager, David Tepper scooped up a gorgeous 6,165 square foot Hamptons mansion that includes marble baths, huge bedrooms, oceanfront views, a tennis court, and the requisite swimming pool for a whopping $43.5 million bucks. But being one of those greedy Wall Street types, Tepper decided this palace wasn't good enough for his family of five, and he's knocking it down and building 11,268 square feet of ostentatiousness. The new pad will improve the ocean views by building up over the dunes (you know those dunes, such an eye sore!), and include a sunken tennis court -- versus that crappy traditional that's already on the property.

Not a great way to celebrate Earth Day, Tepper.


While I may not mind the wealthy spending $1,500 on a stroller, something about tearing down a perfectly good mansion -- to make an even bigger one -- is disgusting. But what do we expect from one of the richest hedge fund managers in the world, and former Goldman Sachs trader?

We have a family of four, and while our 1,000 square foot home can feel crowded at times, I guarantee you we don't need another 10,000 square feet in which to spread out. Honestly, I look at these massive multi-million dollar homes as I stalk cruise by Beverly Hills and wonder what in the world people do with that much space. Think of the heating and cooling bills in all of those unused rooms! Even if you have parties every now and then, there's no way you can fill up that much space. It's simply wasteful, and tearing down a beautiful home that's already massive, is a big eff you to the environment.

Gross. It's so typical of someone who's only goal is to make money, to waste it as well. Shame on you, David Tepper. Although I'm sure that's not the worst thing you've ever done in your illustrious hedge fund career.

What do you think about this craziness?


Image via Sotheby's via Business Insider

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