Swimming Miracle Kitty Is a Real-Life Toonces From 'SNL'

gov island cat

If you've ever tried to give a cat a bath, you know firsthand just how much felines hate themselves some water. If you haven't, well, they hate it. A lot. Like, So help me god I will claw your eyes out before I let you put me in this bathtub a lot.

Which makes the story about the calico who somehow dog-paddled (cat-paddled?) her way from New Jersey across the New York Harbor to Governor's Island during last weekend's killer storms all the more mind-blowing. 


Security guards found the cat on the island's north shore Sunday evening, her fur wet and matted with salt and seaweed. Nobody's really sure how or why the intrepid kitty ended up there, but she clearly came by sea, so Governor's Island workers are guessing she got swept away by the torrential rains ... and turned out to be a natural-born distance swimmer. Another theory suggests she may have dug her claws into some driftwood and sailed to the island, using the stars as her navigational guide (okay, I made up that last part). Either way, it's nothing short of a small miracle. I for one am going to cling tight to that hopeful notion. Maybe it will get me through the never-ending news of devastating earthquakes, tsunamis, and tornadoes. 

Governor's Island staff is currently asking for help in naming the cat. My vote? Toonces, so Saturday Night Live can bring back "Toonces the Driving Cat" as "Toonces the Swimming Cat."

What would you name the seafaring feline?


Image via YouTube

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