Decorate Your Home With a Sharpie (Shh, Don't Tell Your Toddler)

www.itistheworldthatmadeyousmall.comWe’re all decorating on a budget these days. Which is why really, really shabby chic is all the rage -- at least at my house. I’m always looking for ways to give my décor a little oomph, which is why I squealed with joy when I saw this pig, the creation of Minnesota-based artist Brock Davis.

Interviewed recently about his 2009 project, Make Something Cool Every Day, he needed to come up with something, well, cool -- and quick -- for the segment. Spotting an electrical outlet, his synapses fired and he was inspired.

So was I. Behold, my Sharpie-style “something cool”:


My daughter Penny stops almost every day to point at this unpainted splotch in our garage, the leftover mark from when some kind of hinge was removed. “Look, mommy! A butta-fly!” she hollers, and I go, “That does look like a butterfly!” Welp, with our landlady’s permission, now it’s even butterfly-er.


Okay, so this wasn’t me, nor was it done with a Sharpie. This stairway is a few doors down from me, and I admire these kicky flowers every time I pass by.













Of course, you’ve gotta be careful when you take a marker to the wall. According to Penelope, this … is Elmo. Well, my sister Emily created some permanent installations on our walls when we were kids, and look at her now!












Ever see shapes on your walls and turn them into something? Well, was it awesome?

Top image va Brock Davis (Used With Permission) 

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