7 Surprising Things You Can Recycle -- Now That You Know!

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recycle bins cansBy now, all of us are recycling our everyday household items on a regular basis (right? right?! don't make me come over there!). However, every so often, a light bulb -- a CFL, of course -- goes off in my head, and I realize there's something I could have been recycling that never occurred to me. What can I say? I'm slow to learn.

We've put together a list of surprising items you can recycle -- if you can't reuse, repair, or repurpose them first -- now that you know about them!

7 Surprising Things You Can Recycle -- Now That You Know!

  1. Aluminum Foil. Yep, just like aluminum cans. Check with your recycle waste company first before tossing it in your can.
  2. Aerosol Cans. You can include EMPTY aerosol cans with other metals. Empty. Got it?
  3. Wine Corks. Wine drinkers can drop off corks for recycling at many Whole Foods stores and other grocers.
  4. Prescription Bottles. Reuse them first, if you can, and then recycle them. Maybe this was obvious to you, but I was, well, clueless.
  5. Crayons. That's right. Melt broken crayon nubs down into shaped molds, perfectly fat-sized for little hands.
  6. Toys. We leave our favorite old toys at the curb with a "FREE" sign on them, or your local Goodwill will gladly cycle used toys onto another family. Share the fun times!
  7. Stained or Worn Clothing: If you're all stocked up on cleaning rags, check with your local charity shop or thrift store about donating your family's tattered wares. There are some stores that accept non-reusable, unsaleable textiles and shred them for reuse into other products.

What are you recyclable surprises have you learned about lately?


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Jenni... JenniferDawyn

I had a garage sale last summer, and everything that was left over would have gone to the dump.  Instead, I put it in boxes on my lawn with a "free" sign and all but three items went.  I'll be doing that from now on.

tabit... tabithacrowley

Condiment and Soap containers are usually recyclable.  It took me forever to realize my shampoo and conditioner bottles were the same number as a milk jug! Oh and freecycle is a great website!  Love the article- I had never thought about melting down crayons!!!

ajbro... ajbrownies

I reuse plastic sacks from the grocery store. I know someone's going to wack me for using them, but I am way too cheap to spend 15 bucks on reusable bags and I live in a third floor apt so paper is out. We reuse them as garbage sacks or to pack lunches in. No wasting bags here.Also the tupperwear type dishes you can get some lunch meat in we reuse those as well. Pickle jars, oatmeal containers etc. No use buying a bunch of stoarage items when you can make do with what you already have.

Gail Prohaske Bonfante

I recycle "Baggies" by just rinsing them and letting them dry upside down on my counter. Very easy and you save a lot of plastic.

Gail Prohaske Bonfante

I recycle alluminum takeout containers and plastic lids too. Just a quick rinse or run through the dishwasher and they're ready to recycle.

asil asil

we recycle anything and everything we can, this is a great list, we do them all!

sodapple sodapple

the jeans, they can be used as insulation.

eusta... eustacejessica

I recycle baggies by washing them, little plastic containers that our parm cheese or lunchmeat come in make great snack bowls for the little one, and the bags I get from the grocery store are used as trashbags for the wastebaskets or to pick up the dog poop and whats left over by the next shopping trip is returned to bag drop off at the store

Chari... Charizma77

great article. I never thought about crayons before.

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