No-Waste Family: Eco-Friendly or Hoarders?

no waste familyIn case you didn't get enough Earth Day/Week news, the TODAY Show featured a California family that has gone extreme green. The Johnsons are an adorable family of four that don't create or throw away waste. I know what you're thinking: Twisty ties are taking over their home. As well as: Why do these people have to make me feel guilty about my carbon footprint that could be smaller, but dammit, I recycle!

Surprisingly, the steps Bea and Scott Johnson take are quite simple, yet create a dramatic result.


Shopping in bulk and at the farmers' market means you bring your own bags. Skipping over packaged foods is not only eco-friendly, but healthy. Packaged foods usually mean processed, and we all know that kind of "food" doesn't do anyone any favors. Instead of paper towels, the family uses microfiber cloths, and handkerchiefs instead of Kleenex. They do, however, draw the line at toilet paper. Thank goodness.

The family composts its food for fertilizer and, of course, recycle anything that can be recycled. Instead of holding on to their trash, they simply don't accumulate it, and only allow a minimum amount of possessions. What happens is not only a complete lack of trash in their home, but the Johnsons are saving money as well. Impressive.

As I sit here going through my fourth box of Kleenex in a week (allergies!!!), I can't even come close to imagining myself making the sacrifices this family has. But it has inspired me to remember all of my reusable grocery bags the next time I head to the market. As well as hit up the bulk section the next time I want some lentils or roasted almonds.

What changes could you make to live in a more eco-friendly way?


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