CafeMoms Get Creative With Spring Craft Projects!

spraying craftsThe following is a guest post from our sponsor, Loctite.

These moms were given Loctite adhesive products to create innovative craft projects for spring. Here's what they thought:

Overall, I love the spray adhesive. I love that it's forgiving enough that even after you apply it, you can fix your mistakes! And the Crafter's Glue -- JUST AWESOME! :D Goes on well, also forgiving, and holds well. -- The_Monster_Mom








I created a covered photo album for my niece's birthday. I used Loctite Spray Adhesive. I really like this spray for the photo album because usually I use hot glue and it turns out bumpy. With the spray, there are no bumps and it holds very well. -- angelbr

I used the Crafter's Adhesive to attach a flower to a pair of the wings I made. I think I’m going to be making a permanent switch from the hot glue I was using :) -- northernmomm

diaper cake
I used the Spray Adhesive for the butterfly wings and to attach the glitter to them. I then used the Crafter's Adhesive to attach the jewels and wires to the wings. I then used the Super Glue to attach the Butterflies to the diaper cake. -- amyann88

I decided to turn some old shot glasses I found into tea-light candle holders. The Loctite Super Glue was very easy to control. You just lightly squeeze the green grippies on the sides to control the amount applied. It made the whole gluing process super easy and overall quicker. There was no mess, usually I get super glue on my fingers and it’s a process to clean off. -- meliefrog

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What type of craft projects do you enjoy in the spring?

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