Buying a Pillow Is a Pain in the Neck

buying pillowsWith the warmer weather hitting our area, I am thinking about summer. Summer means vacation. Vacation means beach. Beach means swimsuits. Swimsuits mean swimsuit shopping ... which honks. No one likes it. Okay, maybe Miranda Kerr likes it, but most women I know don't. The only thing worse than swimsuit shopping is shopping for that perfect pair of jeans. Near impossible, I say. But there is another item that you shop for, perhaps not as often as you should, that is even worse than trying on swimsuits in fluorescent three-way mirrored dressing rooms or lugging 83 pairs of denim around a store because designers can't agree on sizing.

What's even worse? Buying a pillow.


I recently had to buy a new pillow. I went to the local home store (rhymes with Ted, Math, and Freeyond). And yes, they had pillows. Many piles, many brands. You have pillows with down fill, down-alternative fill, and foam fill. You have pillows for side sleepers, tummy sleepers, and back sleepers. You have pillows that are medium, firm, and extra firm. Yes, a lot to choose from ... but, without totally exposing your head to unseen nastiness, how does one try on a pillow, so to speak? How do you test-drive a pillow?

You can't, really. And you know, pillows aren't cheap. You can spend almost $100 for a place to lay your head. So what happens when you buy one you think is good and then you wake up the next morning with a horrid crick in your neck? You can't return a pillow. Basically, you're screwed. Because as we have all heard, a good night's sleep is vital for your health ... and those bags under your eyes are so attractive ... so you need another pillow.

You have to put that pillow in the guest room or get a decorative sham for it ... and trek back to the store and buy a different pillow, one that will hopefully not injure you while you sleep. But that one isn't guaranteed either, folks. This scenario could repeat many times. Many sore necks, many dollars down the drain. Frustrating, annoying, and (literally) tiring.

Yup, worst thing to shop for: pillows. Hands down.

What do you think is the worst thing to shop for?


Image via Rev Stan/Flickr

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