Living Rooms Going Extinct & Moms Everywhere Rejoice

death of the living roomThink of the rooms in your house. What pops into your mind first? The kitchen, perhaps? Maybe the bathroom or your kid's bedroom. I bet many of you said the family room/den/great room/whatever room you and your family hang out in the most, the one with the TV and comfy couch.

Um, did anyone say living room? You know, that room other than the den, with the firmer couch (possibly wrapped in plastic) and matching wing-back chairs. Anyone? Bueller?

The National Association of Home Builders says that by 2015, what is known as the living room will be merged with another space, like the great room. I'm not surprised. Really, who needs a living room these days? Definitely not the modern mom or any kids that have chores.


Don't get me wrong. I have fond memories of my childhood living room. Brown couch (no plastic), two orange velveteen wing-back chairs, a multitude of end-tables that always needed dusting. It's where we had our Christmas tree (right in front of the huge window with yellow-lined brocade drapes), where we posed for pictures in our Easter dresses (they always itched).

But that was about it. We rarely walked in there. So infrequent, the golf course-like vacuum markings were still there a week after we did our chores. Yes, my sister and I had chores. One would dust, one would vacuum (we'd switch every week). Just imagine if we didn't have to clean that room. Extra playtime. Score! Good riddance, living room!

As for moms, once the living room is gone, think about it. She no longer has to patrol it. She no longer has to remind kids not to put their soda can on the table without a coaster. She no longer has to say no playing ball in there so Gramp's ashes aren't knocked over. She no longer has to become "Mean Mommy" when anyone steps foot in there and messes with the pillow fringe. A little less agita for Mom? Ciao, living room!

See, the slow demise of the living room is a good thing, folks. We will get used to it, I promise. Let it go ... it is for the best. RIP, living room.

Do you have a formal living room?


Image via Mr T in DC/Flickr

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