Ugly Couches That Will Make Yours Seem Designer

Ugly Couch?!
The winner from 2010 (but I like it!)
We moms sacrifice so much for our kids. Our flat tummies. Our long, unkempt hair, our sanity. And ... our couches.

I didn’t think about this until my nephew was toilet-training and spent most of his time at home naked and often ... leaky. My sister traded in her beloved, comfortable, vast “couchboat” for a stripped-down version that was big, brown, microfiber, stain-resistant, and pee-proof. It’s the latter-day version of our grandma’s plastic-covered couch (squeak, squeak, farrrrrtnoise).

But I had no idea there were so many couches out there that don't just repel stains -- they're repellent. Revolting enough to sustain almost 10 years' worth of contests!


The Ugly Couch Competition, put together by one John Dingle and held every year since 2001, will boost any living room's self-esteem and provide comfort to the couch-challenged, like me.

The submissions range from nasty throwaways you wouldn’t want to sit on to elaborate hot-messes that look like the Palace of Versailles took mushrooms and threw up. Some seem to be culled from Craigslist, while others are submitted by the owners themselves, proudly posing on their '80s-era hand-me-downs. Scrolling through these submissions will make you look at your own living room with new eyes – ones that tell you, “Eh, it’s not so bad.”

Or maybe not. In which case, snap a picture and send it in! (Or link it in the comments!) You won’t win anything but bragging rights, but maybe Levitz will take pity on you and send you an upgrade!

(Pro tip: if this story inspires you to go to Craigslist and peruse even more awful couches, use the word “beautiful” in your search. It’s a guarantee you’ll get the opposite.)

Are these the ugliest couches you’ve ever seen, or can you do better?

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