'Dracula' Home for Sale With All the Fixin's (PHOTOS)

dracula home for saleBela Lugosi may be dead, but his LA haunt lives on. On the market that is, for $2.367 million. Perhaps that extra .367 is due to the fact that Johnny Depp might have actually visited this site to prepare for his role in Ed Wood.

The original star of Dracula (pre-Gary Oldman and his sidekick, Keanu) lived in this five-bedroom, four-bath Beachwood Canyon home that features views, views, views. And a little creepiness as well. Appropriate, right? Anyone else have the Bauhaus song stuck in your head right now? (By the way, Peter Murphy in Eclipse: Awesome or desperate? Discuss.)

Although once you start poking around, it looks like a pretty typical listing. Except for the blood red countertops and bat escape hatch. Yep, read on.


dracula home for saleWhile I might not pay almost $2.5 mil to be creeped out by my house, you can bet plenty of people will. Can you picture someone hanging from those rafters? I can.

dracula home for saleSo. Let's imagine the dinner that happened at this table? Perfect size for just laying someone out, isn't it?

dracula home for saleAs if we need a reminder that red is a vampire's favorite color. Loving the subway tile, though.

dracula home for saleI kind of think they included this picture just to mess with everyone, right? Can't you hear the squeak and the flap of the wings as Dracula heads out over the Hollywood Hills, in bat form? I thought you could.

dracula home for saleAnd this is where they bury what's left of the bodies.

Would you buy this house? Cool or creepy?


Images via Realtor.com

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