Don't Throw Away the Peeps -- Use Them for Pranks!

Easter may be over, but Peeps live on throughout the year. Is there any candy treat with a more rabid, creative following than Peeps? From dioramas to science experiments, these chick- and rabbit-shaped marshmallow treats have some seriously devoted fans.
With the news that a family in Seattle was pranked by friends with nearly 1,000 Peeps impaled on skewers (festively!) decorating their lawn, we took to the web to find the greatest Peep shows.





How would you like some Peeps Sushi? 









Can you spot the Peep? He’s in disguise! 









Forget the Great Pumpkin! It’s the Easter Peep!











Cupcakes, meet Peeps … a diabolical combination! 

















Hipstamatic-style Peep:













And of course, it’s Easter -- here’s a Peep with mass appeal:


















It’s enough to make you believe in Easter miracles ... or worry about the effects of marshmallows on early-spring grass.

What would you do if you woke up to a thousand Peeps on your lawn?

Photos via CarbonNYC, Katerha, Happy Krissy, Flashy Soup Can, and [F]oxymoron/Flickr

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