Man Finds Backyard Buried Treasure in Real Life Fairytale

backyard buried treasureWe have fairytales on the brain this week, with Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding just days away. I am wearing tiara already, in honor of the upcoming nuptials and because I am a tad royal-obsessed. Okay, yes, it's plastic, not full of rubies or diamond-encrusted. I found it in Wal-Mart, not my backyard. Ha, you say, finding a tiara in a backyard! Who does that? Andreas K. from Wiener Neustadt, south of Vienna, that's who.

Andreas was gardening in his backyard and found some buried treasure. Literally. The dude found 200 rings and brooches, pearl-encrusted pieces, gold and sliver plates. IN HIS BACKYARD! Authorities are saying the buried baubles could date back to medieval times and could be 650 years old.

What's even more incredible? They sat in his basement for two years. He said he forgot about them.

Are you kidding me?


I don't know what is more unbelievable -- that he found the treasure or that he forgot about it. So, Andreas discovered this buttload of treasure when expanding his small backyard pond. He put them in a box and tossed them on a shelf in his basement ... and promptly forgot about them. For two years. He re-found them and, get this, tried to sell them on the Internet.

Due to some really nice collectors telling him his find may very well be priceless, Andreas took them to the folks at the Federal Office of Memorials, who, despite their stuffy reputation, did the museum happy dance. They sound rather giddy in a statement they released about the find.

Fairy tales still exist! Private individual finds sensational treasure in garden ... one of the qualitatively most significant discoveries of medieval treasure in Austria.

Does this make you want to grab a shovel and tear up your backyard? Yeah, me too ... well, if I had a backyard, I would. I doubt the NYC parks department will let me start making holes in Central Park, our de facto backyard. Nothing is worse than Kiddo telling her preschool teacher Mama spent the night in jail.

It does give me hope, though, for hidden things. Like if we move into a new apartment in an older building, there may be hidden treasure in the walls or in a false ceiling in a closet or something. The closest thing I've come to discovering is $3.98 in change, four ponytail holders, and seven crayons in the couch.

Have you ever found any kind of treasure?


Image via Rachel Tayse/Flickr

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