$6K Smart Toilet Does Everything Except Potty Training

kohler numi toiletEver feel like your regular toilet has lost its mojo? It's just too old-school for you lately? You know, all that manual stuff you have to do -- like flush it or close the lid on your own? Well, now you may not have to worry about all of that grungy stuff anymore. Because Kohler has come out with a brand new, high-end "smart toilet" called the Numi.

For over $6,390, you get a "beautiful" fixture that comes complete with a seat and foot warmers, personalized bidet and deodorizer features, radio, auxiliary audio input (LOL), and -- get this -- AMBIENT lights!! (So you feel like you're right at home in a disco, even though you're just answering nature's call.) That's not all, though, folks. Nope. All these bells and whistles are controlled by a touchscreen mini-tablet with a 20-foot range.


Oh, and germaphobes, rejoice. You can totally kiss the idea of handling the lid at all au revoir. It automatically opens as you approach (anyone else think that's creeeeeeepy?). And the flush? Well, it's "extra quiet" of course, so you can instead enjoy listening to digital music from the on-board speaker system that syncs with your MP3 player.

Plus -- because it resembles more of a photocopier or trash compactor, the Numi looks way more aesthetically pleasing than your average toilet!

Still, I'm not sure who in their right mind would drop thousands upon thousands for a futuristic, blinged-out pot. Plain and simple, unless it could somehow train your tot to use it, it's probably just a silly way to flush away (ha) your hard earned moolah. But how much ya wanna bet some people drop the dough because they want to be the king or queen of their own "toilet throne"?

What do you think about the Numi toilet?


Image via Kohler

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