PETA Thinks Michael Jackson Owes Them

petaIn case you didn't know, I'm an animal lover. I own (and am obsessed with) a dog. I had a brief stint with veganism (still don't eat a lot of meat, no dairy). I cry a little every time I walk past a dog adoption (and ask my husband if we can get another one, to which he says no, despite the fact that Onion would love a little brother or sister). And I would rather go naked than wear fur. But these days PETA is really getting my goat.

It seems like a lot of the things they're doing lately are merely to gain popularity, or perhaps more accurately, notoriety, as opposed to looking out for the good of animals. I mean, first they held a vasectomy contest. Then they asked that the street, Tenderloin, in San Francisco be changed to Tempeh. Now they're asking for Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch. It isn't all about you, PETA!


So, yeah, their latest obnoxious, sanctimonious, ridiculous kind of crazy stunt is asking that Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch be turned into a wildlife sanctuary. Apparently, the organization contacted Jackson’s children and property owner, Thomas Barrack Jr., to criticize the family’s proposal to turn the 2,800-acre property into a community park and center for animals.

That seems totally appropriate. I always get in touch with people I don't know and tell them how what they're doing is wrong after a family member dies.

Ryan Huling, a public spokesman for PETA, feels that this simply is not what Michael would have wanted. He said:

Taking 2,800 acres and turning [it] into zoo instead of sanctuary seems to go against Michael’s wishes. To honor his memory, we should turn focus from the best interests of visitors and what will bring in tickets and instead donate money to a sanctuary who puts animal welfare as [its] top priority.

So, wait ... I'm sorry, I'm confused. Did you know Michael? Are you friends with Blanket? How on earth do you know what his wishes were?

I think the sentiment of turning Neverland Ranch into a wildlife sanctuary is a lovely one. I think turning it into a place for sick children to go is, too. Hey, and how about a homeless shelter?! These are all good ideas, no? But, see, the difference between these ideas and yours is some rude, intrusive spokesperson for the cause isn't going around contacting Michael's kids, and making a big to-do.

I don't know about you anymore, PETA. You used to seem like a perfectly nice organization that only threw paint on mink coats now and again. Now you've just gotten obnoxious, and you're losing me as a supporter. You should rethink your tactics.

What do you think of PETA's latest stunt?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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