Nissan Leaf Wins Wimpiest Car Name Ever Award

Nissan Leaf

Just in time for Earth Day, the Nissan Leaf electric car has been named the 2011 World Car of the Year at the New York International Auto Show! Electric cars, remember those from the Henry Ford days? And various times in the last three decades, after people said KEWL for about five minutes and then promptly went back to not caring again?

This time a cute little electric car beat out some big, serious German motors -- Audi and BMW -- in a car contest. That impresses the heck out of me, and makes me think differently about electric cars, especially after spending $150 the last three weeks to fill up my gas guzzler. I'd totally get one, except ... $33,000 bucks? Well I don't have a 10th of that. And for me to pay that much for a car, I need it to sound like it's at least going to make it down the road to the store for some hamburger buns, and not crumpled lifeless by the side of the road.

Could they have come up with a more wimpy ass name for a car?

I get that this is a green car and all, but c'mon. This has always been the joke with electric cars -- how far they actually go on that charge. You wouldn't want to take the fam on a trip to Disney, that's for sure. Why add to the confidence problem we already have with a name that is synonymous with "weak." This is old news. It's why we love to drive cars like Outback, Mustang, and Charger! And there's no reason why our autos can't be kind to the earth while sounding threatening and murderous at the same time.

I think this argument could be made for the entire green movement as well, because last time I looked, we still have global warming. And you want to know why? Check it: green, Friendly! Eco :) nature ... ORGANIC. Nice try, but nice is not working here, people. You may catch more flies with sugar than vinegar, but then you've got yucky flies in your rice crispy treats. We need to be shocked, threatened, overwhelmed, and intimidated into submission over sorting our recyclables -- not coddled. Save the earth NOW or not only will it implode, but you'll be punched in the face, got it?!

Yeah! Starting with our electric car names ...

Leaf. Volt. C-Zero. Ampera. Do these names inspire confidence in you? No.

So I, along with my 8-year-old, propose some better names for these cars, and hopefully the idea will trickle down to the whole movement in time for next year's Earth Day. Here's some to get us started. These are cars my son would totally buy.  

Dragon (they are green and breathe fire of course!)


Maneater (because that's scary)

Earth Eagle


Rambo Runner

Gemios (named after my son's Beyblade, sounds green and fierce)

Battle Monkey (because monkeys can be mean and they live in the rainforest)

You get the idea.


Image via cliff1066/Flickr

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nonmember avatar Abigail

I actually like the name. I dislike the design of the car though. To each their own.

DomsM... DomsMama07

Who cares what its called? Its a CAR

bether89 bether89

The car doesn't look like a leaf.

ilove... ilovemyboys84

i dont care for the name honestly but its just that..a name..

LilMi... LilMissCupcake

i could care less about the name

LilMi... LilMissCupcake

oh and with gas being $4.17 i wish i had a car that was cheap on gas but no i drive a big ol expedition uhh

deadp... deadpplrmyhero

LOL it could be worse but I cant think of how at the moment. I personally dont think much of how cars are named.

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