Make Your Own Headboard for Pennies!

Just in time for Earth Day, here's a very green idea to implement in your bedroom -- without sacrificing style. Nina created her own headboard with a wooden pallet she found near her home. Found = free = very budget-friendly. : )

The rustic look makes a nice contrast to her clean, fresh bedding, don't you think? Learn more about her DIY process below.


Nina explains that the entire process for the headboard was very simple. She found some pallets left in the woods by some construction workers and all she had to do was bring them home and clean them thoroughly in the hot shower. Luckily the pallet was just the right size for their bed so she simply propped it up against the wall. 

Since the pallets had been lying there for a while, they had the natural dark look that you can see in the picture. However, if you have access to pallets that have not been given the lovely patina of mother nature, you could definitely re-create the look by painting them with drift-wood stain, then going at them with a wire brush to make them look worn. 

See more stylish ways to use these (very affordable!) pallets in your home here

Images: Nina Holst 

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