It's 420 -- Do You Know How Stoned Your City Is?

marijuana leaf pot April 20 is a celebratory day for pot smokers. While you might not be toking up this 4/20 (or maybe you are! whatever ...), that doesn't mean that the city you live isn't partaking in the marijuana. In fact, some of the most stoned cities kind of surprised me this year.

Let's take a look at the Top 10 Most Stoned Cities for 2011, as determined by The Daily Beast. Find out just how stoned your city is.


Top 10 Most Stoned Cities for 2011

#1 Tallahassee, Florida

No recount needed here, Tallahassee. Friggin' potheads!

#2 Boston, Massachusetts

Believe me, you wouldn't like Red Sox fans without the pot.

#3 Portland, Oregon

In Portland, I bet they put a bird on their bongs.

#4 Boulder, Colorado


#5 Detroit, Michigan

No jobs equals pass the pot pipe, please.

#6 Burlington, Vermont

"Let's go on a nature walk" has taken on new meaning.

#7 Albany, New York

Upstaters just want to outcool Manhattan somewhere.

#8 Manhattan, New York

Is pot really cool enough for Manhattan? I mean, it's so 1969.

#9 Bozeman, Montana

Dude, look how big the sky is ...

#10 Eureka-Arcata, California

Way down here at #10 this year. Better get to toking, Humboldt County.

Did your city make the list?


Image via ElPablo!/Flickr

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