6 Easy to Grow Patio Veggies (Still No Guarantee Your Kid Will Eat Them)

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growing expensive veggiesEverything costs more these days -- gas, airplane tickets, Royal Wedding souvenirs (I know you've been pricing Will and Kate throw pillows -- I think they'll go on mega-sale April 30). Add to that list your family's groceries. Milk, eggs, and even tartar sauce are all a few cents more ... which adds up big time. If only you could do something to shave off a few dollars of that food bill -- wait! You can! You can become a farmer!

Okay, not like a farmer with a barn and livestock and bales of hay (psst, overalls are way overrated), but you can grow your own veggies on that little patch of grass by the patio. Some vegetables may not be worth it to grow on your own, but those more expensive, good-for-you salad fixings are perfect to plant ... and save moolah!

Asparagus -- I love asparagus in the summertime, hot off the grill, drizzled with some olive oil ... the mere thought is making me drool. But at $4.99 a bunch ($5.99 for organic), I have to think twice about putting them on the menu. If I grew my own, I could have them every night.

Baby zucchini -- Those cute little squashies have a big price tag at $3.99 per pack. A great garden choice, they grow fairly quickly and are perfect fillers for casseroles and lasagnas.

Tomatoes -- One of the most used veggies is one of the most expensive. We're talking $2.99 per pound and to-mah-toes ain't light, folks. With a few tomato plants of your own, you're saving almost $5 per dinner.

Artichokes -- At my store, they are $2.49 per head. If you are feeding a family of four, that adds up to almost $10 just for your side dish! Besides helping the wallet, artichokes are a really pretty plant. Think of a beautiful garden as an added bonus!

Herbs -- Rosemary, thyme, basil. You know them, you love them. They all are $1.99 a bunch ... and if you want organic, you have to pay a dollar more. If you're a home chef and use fresh herbs daily, it is a no-brainer to plant a few of your own. Easy for even the urban dweller to grow on a windowsill, herbs make your food taste yummy and your home smell delicious.

Red peppers -- I checked out my local grocery store and these veggies are clocking in at $4.99 a pound. They are so delicious, perfect for snacks and salads, but geez, that's pricey. If I had my own, I'd save enough to pay for a lovely bottle of Chardonnay. Cheers!

What do you grow in your garden?


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ilove... ilovemyboys84

we will have cucumbers and tomatoes and i want to try and grow onions

amazi... amazingaudri

Where are you shopping at? Zucchini is $2.50 a pound, and  tomatoes and peppers run close in price to the zucchini.


Kimberly Virga

Wow thanks for this! I just bought some asparagus today, and it was on sale for 1.99!!! I almost jumped for joy, because I am making them exactly like that...grilled with olive oil, Heaven!!! I would love to try to grow a small garden; we have an apartment with a back patio area, so I will give it a go, because veggies are the most important thing in our diets and so expensive.

LKRachel LKRachel

re: artichokes and asparagus

Asparagus take 3 years until you can harvest them- of course they'll come back year after year, but tomatoes you can plant and eat the same season.

Also, while beautiful to some, not everyone thinks artichokes are beautiful plants, they're technically a thistle and they are LARGE.  I have some in my garden and not even fully grown they are already several FEET in diameter.  Fine if you have space in your garden, but if you're creating a patio garden, most people like to maintain some space outside :)

Chari... Charizma77

we don't have a garden but I really want to some day. I would want to grow everything you listed and more. I love veggies. I buy them from the Farmers Market in the summer.

MomoJL MomoJL

Asparagus is not easy to grow and frankly, wild asparagus is much better.  If you can find it in your part of the country, do it!  It grows mostly in fields and along backroads.  If you find a patch, it will be there next year, too.  We did this every year when growing up.   This (early spring) is the time to go a'huntin...

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

I want to do a garden. Tomatos and cucumbers would top my list. I'd love to do corn too. Watermelon. Fresh vegies r insanely expensive. Ooo and radishes.

sodapple sodapple

We don't have a garden but if we ever do I'll plant tomatoes, my kids love to eat them like apples.

ethan... ethans_momma06

I would love to do artichokes-I really really love them!

deadp... deadpplrmyhero

I don't have a garden but my mom does. She plants tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, peppers and a few other things

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