World’s Tallest Lego Tower: So Cool I Want to Smash It

Largest LEGO TowerWe all have an inner child. A part of us that still likes to play with toys. I admit I love creating little Play-Doh birdies ... in a nest with eggs and everything. Here at The Stir, we've covered a lot of stories about big kids playing with toys. By big kids, I mean adults ... and it seems adults love their LEGOs.

We've seen LEGO kitchen islands, stilettos made from the plastic blocks, and an homage to March Madness made and filmed entirely with LEGOs. Word has it now that the world's tallest LEGO tower was built in Brazil.

The building is impressive, I must say. Granted, I wonder just who has the time to do this (methinks none of these LEGO master builders are moms), but that small point aside, let's take a look at this world record holder -- and a few more amazing LEGO creations that I think are even cooler!


Okay, so these dudes in Brazil made this tower -- it's over 100 feet tall with 5,000 LEGO pieces. I love that they had kids help build parts of it. 

Now towers are all well and good, but me, I prefer creations. You can surf around the Internet and find almost anything made out of LEGOs. You can find LEGO cars, you can find LEGO people, you can find a LEGO Taj Mahal.

LEGO taj mahal

Also on my cool radar: people re-creating films with LEGOs. It seems that there is some direct correlation between Star Wars fans and LEGOs. I am not sure how or why, but there are a bunch of amazing stop-action mini-movies.

But what really is on my brain these days is the Royal Wedding. Thank goodness there are some LEGO fanatics that are also obsessed with Will and Kate's love story ... enough to imagine what their big day will be like (nine days and counting, people!).

What is your favorite LEGO creation?

Images (top to bottom): YouTube, WordRidden/Flickr

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