Owner of Obscenely Fat Dog Should Be Charged With Abuse

Do I look fat?
I'm not Gretchen Rossi, but I was recently troubled when I took my dog, Onion, to the vet, and learned that he was overweight by three pounds or so. I was also confused since he didn't look it (he's really short and fluffy) and since we rarely feed him table food. A piece of turkey here, a potato chip there, not much beyond that. However, two more trips to the vet and $500 later revealed that it was just his food (Evo). We switched it up, and he's just about ready for swimsuit season. Lookin' good, buddy.

My heart breaks when I'm shoving my pie hole with something tasty and there's Onion, staring up at me, desperately wanting a scrap. But I rarely cave, because I want him to be healthy. Buuut, not everyone is like me. Like the owner of Cassie the Border Collie, who fed her dog nothing but fish and chips and allowed her to balloon to over 125 pounds, leaving her with an array of health problems (you have to see these pictures!). Poor girl!


The pictures of Cassie are seriously heart-breaking. I may or may not have teared up a little bit when I first saw them. Here's this adorable, sweet dog who looks terribly out of breath just sitting there. She is too fat to stand up to eat, and she had to be shaved so staff at the dog home could treat her bed sores. She's been in the home since her owner fell ill. Thank God. (Not that her owner fell ill, that -- well, you know what I mean.)

It took three people to lift Cassie out of the car when she arrived at the center. The manager, Sandra Wilson, said:

Unfortunately, when owners treat their pets as if they were humans and feed them the wrong food, they're simply killing them with kindness.

Yeah, see, Sandra may know more about animals than me because she works with dogs and I just write about how awesome they are, but I kind of think she's wrong. Not about the killing them part, about the kindness.

Feeding your dog everything you eat isn't kind, it's lazy. If you own a dog, you should know dogs are not people. They have special needs, which is why they should eat special food. Sure, throw your dog a meatball on Christmas or a piece of a hot dog at a barbecue, but give them the boring stuff every other day. You're the person responsible for keeping them alive. They'll eat anything you throw in front of them. Show some restraint.

This is a seriously disturbing display of poor dog ownership. Shame on you, Cassie's owner. I feel very badly that you've grown ill, but I'm terribly glad that Cassie is with people who are treating her the way a doggie should be treated.

Do you feed your dog table food?


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