Dina Manzo Latest 'Housewife' to Get Her Own Show

dina manzoIf you're like me, then you love you some Real Housewives of New Jersey. If you're not like me, then you were happy when Dina Manzo, sister of hard-core Caroline, left the show. And you're crazy!

Dina was my girl. With her long blonde locks in a sea of brunettes, monotone voice, and ability to stand up to kookycrazy Danielle Staub, I was super bummed out when she decided to leave the show. It just wasn't the same without her. She was the most relatable one in that crew. Except for maybe Caroline. I don't know. I could never decide -- it would be like choosing between two kids!


Anyway, Dina's baa-aack. Like a true Real housewife, Dina got her own show. And it's not on Bravo. It's on ... HGTV? (Does that make her an HGTV-lebrity?) Yep, the event-planning New Jerseyian has a new series about her business called Dina's Party. Each week, we'll get to watch Dina and her team do their thang at an event from start to finish. Am I excited? Yes! But for the love of God, Dina, do not be bringing Grandma Wrinkles up in there! 

Are you excited for Dina's Party? Can we have a viewing party at your place?


Image via John W. Ferguson/Getty

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