Tax Day Extension! April 15th NOT the Deadline

tax day extension april 18thIf you're planning on staying up all night tonight to finish your taxes, relax! Turn off the Quicken, and check out some Must See TV instead (Will Ferrell on The Office tonight -- woot!). This year your taxes aren't due until Monday, April 18. What? Nobody told you? Well, thank goodness for The Stir. Now, scoot along and put off one of the most annoying tasks of the entire year. Let it ruin your weekend instead. (I wonder -- will the Tea Party protests also be delayed? Did anyone tell Michele Bachmann???)

So what could it be that's making the U.S. government more lenient this year? Is it the threat of the shutdown? Budget cuts? Nope. It's a holiday that you've probably never heard of before.


Friday, April 15 is Emancipation Day in Washington, D.C., when the district celebrates the freedom of the slaves. This holiday may be local, but the law says tax day may not fall on a weekend or a holiday. And this one counts, since all the business of the IRS takes place in Washington, D.C. after all.

While this break was announced earlier this year, it hasn't been widely publicized. As one accountant told his client, that's on purpose. Getting people to get their tax information together on time is already a challenge. Give them three extra days and they'll procrastinate until the last possible minute.

To which I say, if you owe money to the government -- procrastinate away. Parting with your money at the last possible minute is a fine idea. For you, anyway. Did I mention Will Ferrell will be on The Office tonight? You're welcome.

Did you know tax day was on April 18 this year?


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