5 Days of Thanksgiving Home: Placemaking

Photo by Joe Raedle,  Getty Images

I keep going back to this post about community building that I read weeks ago on jumilla bugs. It just seems the perfect post to consider right now, as Thanksgiving week fast approaches.


The post is called placemaking, and it's an excerpt from Jay Wallijasper's book The Great Neighborhood Book. While the book and the excerpt are about building community in general, I can't help but think how pertinent it is to all of us, our families, our neighbors, and our friends, as we take our places at the table next week.


  1. stop, look, listen
  2. make the most of what you've got
  3. offer people a place to sit
  4. think small for big results

+++Whether home or away, who's going to be at your Thanksgiving table this year?

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