Puppies Left for Dead in Suitcase Have Sweetest Reunion Ever (VIDEO)

puppiesIf there's one thing I won't stand for, it's people messing with puppies. As the owner of the cutest doggie in the world, I would seriously injure anyone who ever tried to harm my pup. If anyone ever tried to lock him in a suitcase and leave him to die? Hooo, heads would be rolling! If you're getting nervous right now that this is an upsetting post, don't worry, it's not! Not really. Sort of. Actually, if you're really sensitive, you might want to skip to another part of this site.

So, a few years ago, this colossal jerk-weed of a "breeder" stuffed 15 newborn puppies into two suitcases and left them in a cupboard to die. Boo! When animal control discovered the animals, they were able to save most of them. Yay! Except for five. Boo! The animals recently reunited with their new owners three years later. Yay! The jerk-weed only got 20 weeks in prison. Boo!


How does someone do this? I don't understand. Especially a "breeder." And how do they get less than half a year in prison? That person should not be a free woman, Amanda Cheadle! That person should not be able to go for walks and run around in parks -- five little doggies can't because of her. That person should be locked in a suitcase and put in a cupboard!

Contrary to what some think, dogs and cats were not put on this earth to make people money. They are here to make me people happy. There are nine billion organizations one can go to if they can't take care of their pets. Leaving them to die, like this woman -- or like that awful human being who left his pitbull on the Williamsburg Bridge in a snowstorm to die -- is straight-up inexcusable. I understand that this isn't first-degree murder, but the punishment for crimes like this should really be more serious. Maybe less people will do it then.

On a lighter note, how cute are these collies?! Heaven! Check out these little guys reuniting for the first time since the incident. I wonder if they all have Stockholm syndrome.

See? Not that depressing of a post.

What do you think should happen to the "breeder" who did this?


Image via hello-julie/Flickr

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