Desperate Homeowners Rent Out Their Houses as Billboards

how to get your mortgage paidIf you're one of the thousands of Americans who are struggling to pay for your mortgage every month, there's a guy who wants to sell you something. Or rather, pay you for something. Adzookie, a mobile advertising network, wants to spread the word about their business and hopes to use your house in order to do so. 

While I'm trying to decide if this is altruistic, or opportunistic, stuck homeowners are flocking to Adzookie's website in order to enter a contest where 10 people will exchange their monthly mortgage payment for their standing in the neighborhood. So far, 10,000 people have applied for the chance to get some financial relief. But here's what you have to do in exchange for a free house.


Adzookie will paint your house in whatever style their designers choose for at least a period of three months, and potentially up to one year. You will be paid for every month you have the ad all over your home. When you want it to go back to a non-commerce style, they will paint it a "normal" color, and you'll stop getting paid. While the CEO of Adzookie says he was inspired to help people facing foreclosure, anyone is eligible to enter to win a paint job like the one pictured above.

Also -- and this is a big also -- some other companies have contacted Adzookie to get in on the action, so if they expand the project beyond 10 houses, who knows what kind of company will be advertising on the place that keeps your family warm. The thought of that makes me want to run back to the age before "the talkies" were even invented. Yet, some people said they didn't care, if it meant financial relief.

"I'm a single mom, and I could certainly use the money," Kimberly Rae, of Largo, Florida, told Bay News 9 after entering the contest.

"It could be condoms. It could be drink water," she said. "It doesn't matter to me. I don't embarrass easily."

Let's just assume she doesn't live anywhere near a homeowner's association.

I feel for anyone facing foreclosure, and if this is the thing that allows you to keep your home, good for you. I just don't love the idea of having to pimp out your house in order to keep it. And I really don't like the idea that a certain type of American would embrace this private path to financial relief, when other responsible parties to this foreclosure crisis should include banks and the government.

So good for you, 10 families who will get another shot at keeping your technicolor home, but everyone else will still be S.O.L. If not grateful for just a regular-looking house.

Would you let Adzookie paint your house and pay the mortgage?


Image via Adzookie

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