Yet Another Man Lives With Dead Body: This Time It’s Grandma!

mesy closestMaybe I spend too much time online looking for this kind of stuff, but there seems to be lots of stories going around these days of people shacking up with dead folks. I'm serious! First, there was the story of the Ohio man who sat in a chair for two years, fused to it, and died while he was living with his girlfriend and a friend; then there was the story of Ronald Opilka, who lived with his deceased mother for two months; now there's Larry Davis, who kept his dead grandmother in his closet under piles of clothes for two days -- and Nakeema Craig, who was there the whole time and didn't realize it.

Okay, as for Nakeema, it legitimately sounds like she didn't know there was a body in the apartment. Apparently the potent stench of marijuana was the scent of choice for the place for those two days. As for Larry, well, it sounds like he killed her. So, maybe he's totally okay with living with a dead person because he's a sociopath.


When his grandmother's relatives showed up looking for her, Larry took off. And investigators say they "found signs of hemorrhaging around [the grandmother's] eyes that suggest she may have been strangled." Nice.

How do you leave the body in there, though? I simply cannot wrap my head around this. Not saying I understand killing another human, but wouldn't you want to get rid of the body afterwards, not only for evidence's sake (or, if you're normal, out of respect for the deceased person), but for the general creepiness factor? And the smell?

I would love to talk with Davis to find out the psychology behind this. Is it an act of laziness -- I mean, the guy laid in bed smoking weed all weekend, he doesn't sound like the most ambitious tool in the shed -- or did he just not know what to do? With him, I'm actually kind of leaning towards laziness. Which is insane because we're talking about getting rid of a dead person from your home! With Ronald Opilka, I'd have to go with not knowing what to do. Either way, it's awfully disgusting and terribly disrespectful. 

I'd like to end this post with some words of wisdom from Nakeema, who, like Larry, also enjoys lounging around for days in a cloud of marijuana smoke and, like me, is hella creeped out by the whole thing:

If he was in the house, he gotta know what's going on. And how could he feel comfortable with his grandma there like that?

I'm with you, baby girl, I'm with you.

What do you think about people leaving dead bodies in their homes?


Image via Lara604/Flickr

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