Pepper Sprayed Baby Squirrel Had It Coming (VIDEO)

squirrel pepper sprayed by policeman
The Policeman & His Squirrel
If you haven't seen this YouTube video of a police officer pepper spraying a baby squirrel, you're probably not in middle school. In fact, middle school is pretty much the perfect place for an incident such as this one to get blown out of proportion and wind up in viral video-dom. You wouldn't catch New Yorkers stopping to film, and chastise, the NYPD if they were using less than humane methods to get a rodent off the street and away from pedestrians. In fact, you would probably see a particularly fed up business guy stomping the head of said rodent, just so he could get to his corner Starbucks 15 seconds sooner.

But now this video of a baby squirrel (who was suspected of being rabid, by the way) being sprayed by a hapless police officer has humiliated the PO and garnered massive sympathy for the little dude/dudette. Who was probably on his or her way to completely ruin the community garden.


Listen, I'm not heartless. But I was also in middle school. And I don't believe for a second these girls were actually upset about this. See if you aren't transported back to gym class with the combo "Oh my god, you're a horrible person!" wails that immediately explode into nervous laughter.

Also, it's a SQUIRREL. A destructive, germ-ridden pest that will eat all the bird food in the neighborhood.

I don't like to see an animal get put down, but reportedly this squirrel was taken by animal control and is now romping somewhere in the wild. Or possibly in someone's backyard wreaking havoc. How else was the police officer supposed to handle an aggro baby squirrel? You know if that cute little thing had run up the leg of a teenage girl, that girl would have been pissed if the officer didn't shoot the poor creature.

Teenage girls are fickle, fake, and given to histrionics. This squirrel is FINE. Move on ladies of Kimbrough Middle School. Next week there will surely be a Bieber tweet to freak out about.

What's more upsetting, the screams of the girls or the sprayed baby squirrel?

Image via YouTube

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