Zany Woman Decorates Entire House in Pepto Pink


pink houseAlmost everything in 20-year-old Wanda Matthews' home is pink, from her bedspread to her wallpaper, clothing, and beyond. Even the bleach in her cleaner is dyed to be pink. To say she is obsessed with the color is a serious understatement.

She may just be the color's biggest fan. 

All of her clothing, shoes, and accessories are pink as are most of her appliances and technology. She puts even the girliest of girlie girls to shame.  

She is currently repainting her bathroom hot pink, changing the garden fence, and wanting (!) to "decorate her oven in heat-proof pink paint."

OK, then ... but why pink? She told the Daily Mail:

Some people may think that it's a bit much, but I don't care. My friends and family know me surrounded by pink, so they're used to it. I just never get sick of the color and neither do my little girls. I don't know what I'd do if I had a boy though.

As the mother of two daughters, now 2 and 3, the obsession has been easy. The two girls are part of the whole thing. They also wear pink all the time, too. Shockingly, her boyfriend just goes with the flow. She is lucky there. Most men would run screaming.

Do you think this is over the top?

Image via Jolante/Flickr

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Lynette Lynette

lol, I wish upon her a little bundle of bluebaby boy

Stephanie Cramer

I think it's great! Americans are way too afraid of coloring their world. 

Gigan... GigantaursMommy

This is how I picture my life but with blue! I need all the prayers in the world for me to have twin girls, since we'll only have one more pregnancy, to even things out in my house!


I love it! My great aunt has a pink oven, of course, it's original, circa 1950 and in Florida!

How much fun is this?

bills... billsfan1104

If that is truly a picture of her living room, its not that bad. Its also not my taste, but she paired it up with some other colors, so it is not overpowering. More power to her.

kisse... kisses5050

 20 years old and has a 3 year old and a 2 year old? WOW!  Cut her some slack on her decorating choices..if  a" little" pink in her world keeps her happy and sane more power to her!

Freela Freela

Is the living room pictured hers?  If so, it's a bit bright for my taste but it looks well pulled together!  I just wonder what will happen if her little girls decide they are fed up with pink... one of my girls used to choose pink over anything else but at six she is now a fan of blue... and my younger girl has been a purple fan since day one!

butte... butterflymkm

I love it! I wish I could do this, but with purple. Unfortunately I have one of those guys for a fiancé that DOES care so everything in our house is neutrals. Except DDs room and my bathroom. I got to do those in pink and butterflies. We compromised. He got the ugly gothy red and black bedspread and I got a girly bathroom :)

nonmember avatar jessica matse

I think it looks AWESOME! Pinks my favorite color to. I have a pink couch & loveseat. I also have a hot pink bedspread pluslots of zebra print. My family & friends just know that's me & it makes me happy.

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