Man Kicked Off Flight for Being Tall Has It Worse Than Moms

kids on a planeAt five foot three, navigating my way through the world is pretty easy for me. I can easily squeeze into a packed subway. I can actually sit Indian-style in an airplane seat. And if an amusement park ride is too scary for me, I can always say I'm not tall enough. I'd imagine if I were taller -- oh, like, say, six foot nine -- things would be much more difficult. Especially on airplanes.

A man, who, you guessed it, is six foot nine, was kicked off of a Horizon Air flight recently because his legs were blocking the aisle. He contacted the airline in advance, hoping to get an exit row seat because he had a feeling it would be a problem, but lo and behold, when he arrived, he was assigned a regular ol' seat. Still think you've got it bad when you travel with kids, Moms?


See, women who are pregnant or have kids have an actual, physical excuse to switch seats with people or cut the line. And we feel bad for them! "Here, pregnant woman, take my seat on the subway." "Sure, lady with two kids, cut in front of me in the bathroom" -- even though I can see under the stall that you, yourself, are using the restroom, too. Not cool! This guy, though -- he's just screwed for being a tall dude.

And the difference between this man and a lot of moms with kids I've seen on planes, trains, and automobiles is he didn't complain. He didn't ask anyone to switch with him. He didn't make a scene. His daughter wrote a letter (and he eventually got a free flight), but that's it. I empathize with women travelling with small children, I'm sure it's hard, but I can't imagine for one minute that they would go quietly if put in a similar situation. Never mind the fact that it also was probably pretty humiliating for this guy. 

Traveling moms, I know you have it rough. I, too, will have to go through this someday, and to be completely honest, I'm not really looking forward to it. But let's maybe keep in mind other people, also? Especially people who can't do a damn thing about their situation.

What do you think about this man being kicked off the flight? And moms traveling with kids in general?


Image via xersti/Flickr

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