9 Jobs Moms Shouldn't Do


dangerous jobs for momsThe best jobs for moms run the gamut from web developer to acupuncturist, but I'm considering taking one off the list: social worker. At least if you're a social worker at the state psychiatric hospital in Napa, California where 75 aggressive acts have taken place in a six-month period at this facility, which gets more dangerous every year.

Most disturbingly, last October, Donna Gross, a psychiatric technician, was murdered by a patient who was a violent criminal, who was allowed to roam the grounds freely. Gross' daughter is suing the facility, where Gross was strangled to death in the afternoon, outside, after Jess Massey stuffed her mouth full of dirt so she couldn't scream.

No one expects that they'll die on the job, or be seriously maimed. But the fact of the matter is that some jobs are more dangerous than others. After you become a mom, you might want to think twice about your career.

As a feminist, I will always say that women can do the same work as men and that fathers are as important as mothers. So when I call out these jobs as being "bad for moms," I'm also implying that I would not want my husband to take on these dangers either. However, I do recognize that in some households the moms consider themselves the most important parent, insofar as being there for the children. If that is you, please reconsider working in a state facility like the one above, and these eight careers:

  1. Police Officer -- Unless you can get an assignment that takes you off a dangerous beat (which is possible), skip putting yourself in the line of fire.
  2. Firefighter -- Speaking of fire, maybe avoid that while the kids are young.
  3. Astronaut -- Yes, it's exciting and your kids will think it's cool. But the time away, as well as the danger, makes this not so hot for moms.
  4. Prison Guard -- As seen in the facility above, it's not totally safe to hang out with violent criminals.
  5. Convenience Store Worker -- While we've seen convenience store workers defend themselves mightily during a potential hold-up, no one wants their mom to be put in that position where much worse things can happen than winding up on YouTube for kicking some ass.
  6. U.S. Military -- If you're signing up during wartime, you know what you're getting into. While I'll thank you for serving our country, I would just want to make sure I wouldn't be re-deployed before having children. Yes, I realize this isn't always the way it goes. So, thank you men and women of our military.
  7. Stunt Woman -- Getting blown up, run over, and thrown through plates of glass for a living may sound like fun. But once you've gotta' take care of someone else, maybe it's time for voice over work.
  8. Deep Sea Fisherman (woman) -- They don't call it the Deadliest Catch for nothing. This is a job with some of the highest fatality rates in the world. Which may be why so few women actually go into the field. Whew.

What jobs do you think moms shouldn't do?


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Kristin Reische

I am proud to be a wife, mom, and US soldier! I haven't had to deploy... yet, but when that time comes my family is prepared for it and very proud of the work I do! It's not for everyone, but just because you are a mom doesn't mean you shouldn't do a certain job. Motherhood has prepared me to care for (I'm an RN) our young soldiers that come back from theater injured and hurting.  I think sometimes being a mom might make you better at the jobs you listed, except maybe fishing and stunt-womaning. :o) 

Kate Williams

I agree with everything Kristin said.

I am a US sailor. and while deployment happens, my family is ready for it.  My daughter will learn more about how important commitment and keeping your promises is if I stick to what I signed up for.

Also, I am the daughter of 2 police officers and I turned out just fine.


sodapple sodapple

I wanted to become a social worker, yet I think about the different types of social workers and I have to think it many times before applying for a job.

sweet... sweetpea1269

I think moms, and women, should do whatever they want!

RanaA... RanaAurora

Even not in war time, people deploy constantly.
I agree, though. These are some of the worst jobs for parents in general.

poshkat poshkat

why don't we make a law that makes all mom's stay at home moms and than we can all be safe? this list is stupid.

Wish2Be Wish2Be

Firstly I would like to thank the women that are brave enough to fight for our country ! Thank YOU !

Secondly...I would like to mention that no matter your profession ...simply driving to the grocery store, or to and from a doctors visit, or even to and from work....you could get into a serious fatal accident. Its a much higher risk than that of a good portion of those professions.

I dont agree with this list.

nonmember avatar Elle

So, why is it ok for Dads to do these but not Moms? They are parents, too. I think this list is a load of it to be blunt. Lets just all be Susie Homemaker and never leave the house (car wrecks) or use the stove (fire risk!!) so we'll be super duper safe! Rightttt.

Madel... Madelaine

I agree with Kristin.

Lori Appel

As a FEMALE veteran, this list is a bunch of BS!  Who the hell are you to say what mom's should and shouldn't be.  This is just gross to see such a disrespectful list in the year 2011. 

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