Rent 'Jersey Shore' House for $2,500 a Night -- Disinfectants Extra (VIDEO)

jersey shore house mtvCheck this out. Now you can rent the infamous Jersey Shore house -- and it'll only set you back, oh, $2,500 a night. For upwards of $6,500, you can even crash here during peak season at the Shore, and for a whopping $15,000, you can party and play here for an entire 3-day holiday weekend. !!! Sounds pricey, but consider the charm and amenities.

Wow, how crazy would it be to stay the night or weekend in this house? I mean, granted, you might not want to sit on any of the furniture and such ... but wouldn't all your Facebook friends be jealous?


The 6-bedroom, 3-bathroom Jersey Shore pad sleeps 12 and still has the Italian flag decor theme made famous on the MTV reality show AND most all the furniture we saw on the show, as well as the duck phone! Enjoy a waterview, balcony, cable/satellite TV, full kitchen, patio/deck, and carpeted {{gag reflex}} floors.

Sleep where Snooki passed out slept. Room where Mike "The Situation" and the rest of the guys, uh, well, never mind ... You might not want to think about it too much ... It could be fun -- just, you know, sleep in your car to be safe!!!

WATCH the virtual tour inside the Jersey Shore house:

Wow, the digs sure looked a lot sweeter and bigger on MTV, didn't they? They sure can do some magic with those camera tricks, huh?

Would you rent this place? How many bottles of disinfectant wipes would you pack?


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