Son Lives With Dead Mother Buried in Junk for 3 Months

old houseHow long would you live with a dead person? Probably not long, right? Actually, if someone in your household -- God forbid -- died, you'd report it right away, right? Well, apparently that's not for everybody, because Ronald Opilka, 43, lived with his dead mother for three months.

Yep, that's 90 days. And when police finally made the discovery -- because neighbors were complaining about the stench -- they found her decomposing body encased with garbage that filled the place to the ceiling. Holy s**t, right?


Cecylia Opilka, 80, died of heart disease on Christmas day, and it wasn't until a few weeks ago that people found out. This makes me sad for so many reasons, but wasn't anyone looking for her? Didn't she have any other family members or friends? Never mind the fact that her son robbed her of anything close to a respectable funeral. And he's not being punished for it.

The cops said that they probably won't press charges against Roger for failing to report his mother's death because he is mentally challenged and may not have the mental wherewithal to realize what to do. But, Ronald was arrested for drug possession after a small bag of marijuana fell out of his pocket the night cops found the body. He was released the next day.

So, let's see here, Ronald was "with it" enough to buy and smoke weed and hang out at his neighbor's house, but not sound enough to report a dead body? That's been there for three months?! Hmm, not sure that's adding up.

On one hand, my heart breaks at the thought of Ronald not knowing what to do after his mother died. Clearly, he's not totally there if he lived the way he did (not only the body, all that trash!), but how can he not know to tell someone if he has the capacity to hang out in the outside world and get high? He could have at least told a neighbor. I'm sure he was really scared, but didn't anyone ask him about his mother? Didn't people -- and he saw and talked to people -- think it was odd that she was never around?

I feel terrible that Ronald lost his mother -- no doubt, not an easy thing -- but I really don't think he thought that it was okay to live with her dead body for three entire months. Everybody knows that is wrong.

What do you think about Ronald living with his dead mother for three months?


Image via ~Sage~/Flickr

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