Crazy Cat Man Stabs Neighbor Over Dog

I'm cute!
Wow, this really gives new meaning to the phrase "fighting like cats and dogs." Eugene McFarland, 74, hit his neighbor in the face with a broomstick and then stabbed him in the stomach because his dog was harassing his kittens. I'm all about dudes and tiny animals (can someone say "secure in your manhood"), but this is ridiculous!

Look, if a neighbor was messing with my dog, heads would be rolling -- figurative heads, not literal. You've got to be one crazy mofo to actually stab another human over a pet. What is your problem, dude?


My guess is Eugene is unstable. I mean, he has to be, right? I think it's incredibly adorable that he owned kittens -- nevertheless cared for them so much -- but you've got to draw the line somewhere.

I love my dog. Probably a little too much. Even when he's just sitting there, I'll call my husband in from the other room so he can look at how cute he is. I give him filtered water. I pay a dog walker $15 a day so I can feel okay about leaving him alone. I actually paid the vet over $400 recently for tests that may or may not have been necessary. I'm koo-koo for Onion (that's his name)! But I wouldn't stab someone over him. Unless that person was trying to stab him.

However, this does bring up a point about pet (particularly dog) owner etiquette. You need to man your pets, dudes. Like I said, I'm ga-ga over my shih tzu, but I know everyone else isn't. If he's barking at night, I immediately shush him (even though his teeny bark is so cute!). I never, ever, ever let him outside without a leash. And I always keep him close when he's first interacting with other dogs. (My favorite are the people who let their dogs in your dog's face, then watch them try to bite -- if you know your dog is like that, don't let him near mine!) And if he were ever bothering a kitten, I would put a stop to it immediately! It's common courtesy.

So, I can empathize with Eugene for getting upset. Of course we want to protect our little cuties, but stabbing a guy? You're off your rocker, old man, and I'm happy you're in jail.

What do you think of Eugene stabbing his neighbor over his pet?


Image via thebuffafamily/Flickr

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