Worst Honeymoon Ever Includes 6 Natural Disasters

worst honeymoon ever
What a Lovely View!
Remind me never to honeymoon during earthquake/blizzard/tsunami/cyclone/flood/fire season. In fact, we all should learn from this Swedish couple who had planned what sounds like an epic four-month honeymoon, but turned into one major disaster after another. The worst part? Their 4-month-old daughter was traveling with them. Eeek!

So what in the world happened? And why didn't they get a babysitter?


Stefan and Erika Svanstrom (forgive me for thinking they were also characters in a Stieg Larsson novel) set off on their honeymoon on December 6, but were immediately stuck in Germany after being snowed in by one of the worst snowstorms in Europe's history. But luckily they made it to Cairns, Australia so they could be evacuated during the cyclone and spend the night on a cold cement floor of a shopping center with 2,500 other refugees.

You'd think the family of three might have headed back to Stockholm at that point, but instead they moved on to Brisbane, where the floods were devastating, then found their way to Perth, Australia, where the brush fires smoked them out.

Whew, were they relieved to leave Australia behind as they headed to New Zealand! Umm, just in time for the earthquake in Christchurch. Then on to Tokyo for ... wait for it ... another earthquake! Perhaps you've heard of it? The trio finished out their journey in China, where things were relatively stable. Which, I think, will only lead to trouble.

Now that they're back home and have survived some of the worst natural disasters of all time, what will they do for excitement? Seriously, Stefan says they're still going strong, but it's only going to be a matter of time before they head to the Caribbean during hurricane season, then decide on an extended stay in California just to see if they can't will some earthquakes there. Clearly, this marriage is doomed if they stay at home in sleepy Stockholm.

Was your honeymoon this exciting?


Image via Perambara/Amantha Perara/Flickr

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