Wall Maps Give Your Home a Cool Decorating Vibe

I bought a large pull-down school map from eBay a few years ago, and it continues to be one of my favorite items in our home. I love how it makes a colorful impact at a fairly inexpensive price. Plus, it's been convenient for the occasional geography lesson around the dinner table. 

If you'd like to incorporate maps into your decor, pull-down versions are just one option. Another idea: you could collect a variety of paper maps and use them as wallpaper, like Kimberely Renner did in her son's room. 

See five more photos of maps in the home and some of my favorite resources below. 


Kristen Stocks livened up her dining space with a map of the US. I love the way she hung it with a pretty bow on top.

No need for a frame. Maps look great hung directly to the wall too.

This oversized map is the only decoration the wall needs.

This one gives a cute vintage schoolhouse vibe to a children's work space.

This nook is even cozier with this muted framed map.

Convinced you need to add some to your space?

- eBay is a great place to look for vintage and pull-down maps.

- This metallic one is less than $3. 

- These Are Things designs great modern maps. 

- And here's one that you can scratch off

Are you already a map-in-the-house fan? Where do display your maps?

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