Postman Who Won’t Deliver Mail Over Dog Can Bite Me


jack russell terrierWhenever I see a dog in the street, it just makes me smile. I, personally, have my own, but the sight of the little guys puts a smile on my face and a spring in my step. I like when their tails wag, I like when they jump, I even like when they bark. What I don't like is when they're off-leash. I don't care how "well-behaved" or "small" your dog is, doesn't matter. It's illegal to have your dog off-leash for a reason. It's dangerous -- to others and to your dog! On more than one occasion, I've seen free-walking dogs chase after people and run into the streets. Not cool.

So, the fact that Karen Mitchell always let her little Jack Russell, Rusty, run wild in the streets doesn't thrill me. But the fact that the post office stopped delivering mail to her street because of her is straight up ridiculous.

A statement released by the Royal Mail (they're British) said that Rusty is "an unacceptable hazard to staff." So, they decided to make everyone else on the block suffer by making them all go to the post office to pick up their mail instead of having it delivered. It's madness! The funny thing is, in order to let residents know of this change, the postal service left a letter in each of their mailboxes. They risked their lives to prove a point!

See, because that's exactly what I think is going on here -- the mailmen/women just want to prove a point: Rusty shouldn't be running in the streets. Okay, agreed. But to punish the entire street? That seems a little extreme. And a lot unfair.

Why can't Karen just get a fine? Or have her mail suspended? Surely, she'll keep Rusty locked up then. To completely stop delivering mail is an obnoxious stunt that 100% doesn't need to take place.

Like I said, I heart dogs. So much. But if I had to go to the post office to get my mail each day because of someone else's dog? Holy crap, would I be pissed! A little bit at the owner (leash up your dog, lady!), a whole lot at the postal service. Do your job, people! It ain't sunny days and lightweight catalogs all day, every day! Get it together!

How mad would you be if your mail stopped being delivered because of someone else's dog?


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sodapple sodapple

I'll be upset but not to the post office but to the neighbor that doesn't leash the dog.

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

If the dog is left to wander the street, then they do not want to encounter him anywhere he goes. I understand- around the corner from us lives a Jack Russell, and he's mean. He's little- my dog is big, and he STILL scares me. There is power in peer pressure, the rest of the neighborhood is NOT going to stand for one woman to let her dog run amok when they want their mail. Impose a fine? They can't just willy-nilly create fines just to address the situation. And they can't just not deliver her mail- the free-roaming dog is the problem, not the mail.

dirti... dirtiekittie

what a crazy story! i thought it would say they stopped delivering HER mail, which i would understand. but this story is not from the US... do they have the same leash laws that we do? i have no idea. but i can tell you, everyone is going to be disarmed by this story because it's a jack russell terrier. but would you feel the same way if it were a large pit bull running the streets? or a full sized male rottweiler?

i see both sides on this one... on the one hand, NO - don't punish the whole street. but on the other... i've actually seen a mailman attacked by a dog who was in his own yard. the owners didn't close their gate all the way and as soon as that mailman came, he was out. honestly, it was his (lead) mailbag that saved his arm from being mauled. did he stop delivering on our street? NO! BUT - the owner was visited by animal services and warned about the dog being on a leash. i don't understand the postal service's actions here, unless they don't have a proper animal services division to enforce this kind of stuff.

(and perhaps they're hoping that some peer pressure from the neighbors will rein her in without turning her over to animal services. maybe if the neighbors are already irritated that her dog runs free, they'll take this as a final straw type move to act as a community. just a thought...)

Beths... Bethsunshine

The neighbor who lets her dog run loose is to blame for this, not the post office.  The mail carriers don't want to risk getting bitten by a dog, and I don't blame them. I am a dog lover, I have 2 of them myself, but I don't let them run loose.

Ashley Post

I blame the neighbor not the post office. I can understand why they would stop mail delivery. If her dog is just running up and down the street, then he could bite them at another person's house. It's the dog owners fault. No one elses.

PonyC... PonyChaser

It's not the size of the dog, it's the size of the dog's personality. I've met some really nice, even tempered rotties and pitts that I'd trust with my son. And I've met some chihuahuas and Jack Russels that have required muzzles before the vet that I worked with could enter the room, and the dogs were still ridiculously aggressive, requiring some firm restraint.

I don't blame a mailman for not wanting to deal with this dog, especially if he has a temper and is on the loose. I don't know that they should have stopped delivering the mail though... perhaps calling Animal Control or the Police would be a better route to take, because I can just see someone getting ticked that he's not getting his mail delivered, and taking it out on the dog.

Kauna Kauna

Well, we really don't know what steps were taken before the mail carrier stopped delivery to the street.  I'm sure that one incident of a loose dog didn't make the mail carrier stop delivering to the entire street.  If that was the case, mail delivery would stop almost completely, everywhere.  I think this is an ongoing prblem, and they have probably tried the normal tactics...warnings, possibly fines, and such.  It sounds like the owner doesn't bother.  Maybe pressure from her neighbors will force her to buy a dog chain.

I agree with PonyChaser...Jack Russells are part of the terrier family.  They are sometimes lovingly called Jack Russell Terriorists because of their super dominent personailties.  They are fearless, agile, tenacious, and they think they are 10 feet tall.  Peronally, I'd rather take on an angry rottweiler than an angry JRT.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Make the woman lock up her dog or it can go to the pound everytime it's off it's leash, for everytime the dog gets bailed out it should cost the owner more money. I would be pissed at my neighbor not the post office. You said it yourself " What I don't like is when they're off-leash"!

frysh... fryshannon34

I would be mad at the neighbor and I agree a dog should be on a leash at all times for his own safety and the safety of thers

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