Postman Who Won’t Deliver Mail Over Dog Can Bite Me

jack russell terrierWhenever I see a dog in the street, it just makes me smile. I, personally, have my own, but the sight of the little guys puts a smile on my face and a spring in my step. I like when their tails wag, I like when they jump, I even like when they bark. What I don't like is when they're off-leash. I don't care how "well-behaved" or "small" your dog is, doesn't matter. It's illegal to have your dog off-leash for a reason. It's dangerous -- to others and to your dog! On more than one occasion, I've seen free-walking dogs chase after people and run into the streets. Not cool.

So, the fact that Karen Mitchell always let her little Jack Russell, Rusty, run wild in the streets doesn't thrill me. But the fact that the post office stopped delivering mail to her street because of her is straight up ridiculous.


A statement released by the Royal Mail (they're British) said that Rusty is "an unacceptable hazard to staff." So, they decided to make everyone else on the block suffer by making them all go to the post office to pick up their mail instead of having it delivered. It's madness! The funny thing is, in order to let residents know of this change, the postal service left a letter in each of their mailboxes. They risked their lives to prove a point!

See, because that's exactly what I think is going on here -- the mailmen/women just want to prove a point: Rusty shouldn't be running in the streets. Okay, agreed. But to punish the entire street? That seems a little extreme. And a lot unfair.

Why can't Karen just get a fine? Or have her mail suspended? Surely, she'll keep Rusty locked up then. To completely stop delivering mail is an obnoxious stunt that 100% doesn't need to take place.

Like I said, I heart dogs. So much. But if I had to go to the post office to get my mail each day because of someone else's dog? Holy crap, would I be pissed! A little bit at the owner (leash up your dog, lady!), a whole lot at the postal service. Do your job, people! It ain't sunny days and lightweight catalogs all day, every day! Get it together!

How mad would you be if your mail stopped being delivered because of someone else's dog?


Image via Bonnaboo/Flickr

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