5 Green Tips Too Impossible for Moms

clothes airdryingI try to be green. Really, I do. We recycle. We have reuseable Trader Joe's bags we lug with us to do our shopping (and that are fabu for toting toys to the park). We turn off the water when brushing our teeth. See, we're helping Mother Earth!

I love reading ideas on how to green my life up even more (using an old plastic bread bag as an icing bag is genius). It's important to show Kiddo how little things we do every day impacts the environment, how what we use and buy and eat affects not just us and our bodies but everybody. I'm trying here, people ... but sometimes the lovely Green-sters hand me tips that are just not gonna work for me. I mean, these hints are too dang tough for me as a mama to do.

As Kermit always says, it's not easy being green.


1. Drive slowly. They say the most energy-efficient way to drive is to keep it between 45 and 55 mph. Really. They want us to drive at 49 mph? That means an extra 15 minutes in the car getting to karate class when you're already 7 minutes late. May save energy but will make me stressed and Kiddo peeved.

2. Line dry your clothes. Dryers use a lot of energy over the course of a year. I understand this, but I have three huge bags of laundry to do ... every four days. Kiddo goes through two outfits a day (and don't get me started when we were potty-training). I don't have an apartment big enough to hang our clothes. We would be dodging pjs and dresses as we go from the kitchen to the sofa. Plus it would take, what, 5, 6, 7 hours to dry? This mama doesn't have the time.

3. Use recycled toilet paper and paper towels. There are a few things in life I need to count on -- one of them is non-scratchy toilet paper at 3 a.m., the other is having a paper towel that doesn't tear when cleaning up Kiddo's messes during stomach flu season. Every recycled toilet paper and paper towel I've tried just doesn't cut it. Sorry.

4. Don't rinse your plates before putting them into the dishwasher. The green gurus say you'll save about 15 gallons of water per load, and, sure, you will save time. But my dishwasher doesn't get off the caked-on syrup from Kiddo's morning Eggo or the dried residual ketchup from dinnertime tater tots. Means I'm washing them again. Sigh.

5. Take super short showers. Okay, I know this helps save buttloads of water, but the shower is the only peace and quiet time I get. Seriously, when I am in the shower, I can breathe for a few, chill out, relax. I'm not taking hour-long showers, but that's my one little break from the 43 times I have heard "MOOOOOOOMMMMMM!?!" by 7:34 a.m., mind you.

What's the one green tip that's too hard for you to do?


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