Miracle Tsunami Dog Reunion Will Make You Cry (VIDEO)

dog survives tsunamiThree weeks after the earthquake and tsunami destruction in Japan, another miracle has occurred in the face of so much tragedy. This time, the miracle is of the canine variety. A family dog managed to survive for three weeks floating in the ocean, until she was spotted and scooped up out of the sea. 

The 2-year-old named "Ban" not only had a helicopter attempt a rescue (unsuccessfully), but the Coast Guard as well. It seems like an all-out effort was made in the case of the floating pup, who is now home safe.

But it gets even more heart-string tugging when Ban was reunited with her owner, who recognized the dog while seeing the amazing rescue on television. If you don't choke up while watching this reunion video, then you must have one of those Grinch-hearts.

Prepare to sniffle.


Oh em gee, that is amazing! How happy did that dog look when she spotted her owner? Although the thing that actually saved this pup is the same thing that's scaring many others.

You see, the floating debris from the tsunami could wash up on the West Coast of the U.S. and surely isn't doing the ocean life any favors as chemicals leach out along the way. But without that giant mess of pollutants, that dog would have drowned. Maybe a dog's life isn't worth as much as keeping an ocean, and the beaches where this stuff winds up, clean. But hey, if it's already there clogging up nature, at least it served a higher purpose.

Did you cry watching this video?


Image via YouTube

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