Karma Gets Even With Rude Guy, Who Loses $319M Lottery


moneySo, you know those seven state workers who won the $319 million jackpot a few weeks ago? Sure you do. Well, they actually have a Snickers bar to thank for that. Er, scratch that (pun intended), a man's craving for a Snickers.

See, when Mike Barth (the guy they have to thank for being crazy rich) went to the newsstand in downtown Albany to buy the lotto tix, something stopped him -- his hankering for some nougaty, peanuty goodness. So, before he reached the counter to buy his ticket, he knelt down to buy himself a tasty candy bar. Why not? He probably deserved it. However, when Mike was kneeling down, somebody cut in front of him -- and bought a quick pick. Talk about a happy accident! (For Mike. I would not want to be that other guy right now.)

Okay, just in case I'm not being clear here: If Mike hadn't bought a Snickers bar, and that person hadn't cut in front of him, he wouldn't have won $319 MILLION! Fate? Or just a random result of some dude's general rudeness?

I often wonder about stuff like this. Like, if I miss the subway, or am running late, it crosses my mind if it's for a reason. Perhaps I'll have a fortuitous encounter with a lonely old man who will bequeath his fortune to me. Or maybe -- God forbid -- something bad will happen to the subway that just left? It seems like things like this do happen in life (um, anyone ever see a little movie called Sliding Doors?), but is it a result of being "in tune with the universe"? Or just dumb luck?

Obviously there are exceptions, but, for me, it's been dumb luck. Or actually just dumb. Because nothing really great ever comes of it. I mean, I know there are people out there who are, like, "cosmically advanced" -- you know, those people who don't get on a plane because "they just had a feeling." But every time I miss the subway, it's only because I was taking too long to pick out a shirt. And the only thing that comes of it is me being late to work. Also, I don't really eat Snickers. So, will anything good ever happen to me?! Ugh!

Joking aside, the difference between me and Mike (besides the fact that he could buy and sell me 10 times over) is that he probably doesn't think about this kind of stuff. And if he does, he doesn't expect anything good to happen to him just for pondering it. He seems like a good dude who goes about his business. I'm happy he won the lotto. I just wish I was "in tune" enough to be friends with him.

Do you believe Mike's lotto win was meant to be? Or just dumb luck?


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sodapple sodapple

I think it was luck. What are the chances the same numbers were going to be the same for the guy with the snikers?

lazyw... lazywench

Yea, isn't that a random numbers game?  So how can anyone say with such certainty that those same numbers would have occurred had he gotten a ticket?

frysh... fryshannon34

Either way how awesome and wonderful for them

imult... imultracool

I believe in luck. My dad used to buy lottery tickets every single day. One day he forgot to buy one at work before he came home. My brother later asked my dad to please go rent him a video game. My dad didnt want to but my brother begged him until he went. While he was there he bought a lottery ticket. He ended up winning a  twice over life changing amount of money with that lottery ticket. If he hadnt forgotten to buy one before he left work or if my brother would not have begged him to go rent a video game, my dad would have never won.

nonmember avatar Birther Brit

Yeah, but because of his addiction to Snickers, the "winner" might get diabetes and have his toes cut off and never get to enjoy the millions.

nonmember avatar Chris

I wonder what good is in store for me after parking my 1 week old 50k SUV next to a fat nasty wookie and having her door ding me? Probably the only thing in store for me is the $800 bill that it's going to cost me to fix the door ding.

nonmember avatar Trudy Roberts

That is because NYC/NYS contains the most rudest,
obnoxious,uncaring,cheats, swindlers, liars, good for nothing teens, sub human life than anywhere else on earth. Would notcome back here if life
depended on it. Would rather live in a nuclear
reactor. NYC is a cesspool of devils.


Dumb luck. That is all the lotto is.

nonmember avatar Doug Humes

See the German movie titled "Run Lola Run", which explores that same theme of what role chance/fate plays in changing the outcome in life. Don't read the plot first, just see the movie.

DomsM... DomsMama07

I don't know what it is, but I'd be happy (if I was him) that I got that candy bar!! Ha

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