Spirit Airlines New Fees Fleece Moms More Than Anyone

spirit airlines rips off passengersHold on to your wallets travelers, because Spirit Airlines -- the affordable one, cough, cough -- has added yet another crappy charge to the passenger. If you don't want to shell out even more cash for the privilege of flying on a budget airline, you should start preparing, weighing, and paying for every single bag you bring with you at least 24 hours before your flight takes off. And if you're like me and are lucky to even have your bags packed five hours before take-off, perhaps you just shouldn't fly Spirit Air at all.

Spirit already ticked us off when they started charging for carry-on bags, but now if you don't pay the $30 for a carry-on that won't fit under the seat, and $28 for checked bags at least 24 hours before your departure, expect to double your costs at the airport.


Not only will you be charged $40 at the check-in for checked baggage ($45 at the gate), but $40 for your carry-on when you pay over the phone, and $35 for your carry-on when you pay online, but not within the 24-hour deadline. Oh, and instead of oversized luggage (which costs more) starting at 50 pounds, it's now 40 pounds.

A spokeswoman explained that these new fangled prices "are more in line with international carriers in Europe and Asia." You know, just like how they say "the loo" over there, so we should too.

Hey Spirit, why stop there? Here are some more ways you can fleece your passengers:

  • $5 more if you wear shoes that have to be untied and tied back up after security.
  • $10 extra for only scooting over enough for a supermodel to get by as you load your three bags in the overhead, versus a whole adult.
  • $20 for asking if your child can go into the cockpit and get her wings.
  • $5 for asking for "the whole can."
  • $10 if you actually get the whole can.

Seriously, when is it going to end?

Are you pissed about these fare gouges?


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