Christian Siriano Designs Kitchen Sponges (This Is Not a Joke)

christian siriano spongeI love Project Runway. I adore a good clean kitchen. Put the two together and it's like finding the perfect shoes for that cute wrap dress you just got. Well, girls, we got lucky! Project Runway winner and fabu designer Christian Siriano has designed some sponges that will make doing dishes all that more fashionable ... or at least a little fashionable.

That's right -- Christian Siriano teamed up with O-Cel-O to create some non-scratch sponges that bring a bit of style to the suds in your sink. They are based on his Spring 2011 collection.

Who would buy these, you may ask? Me! Just wait 'til you see them ... they're fierce!


Check them out -- the two designs, called Leopard and Muse, come in pink, purple, blue, and orange and will be available in stores across the U.S. According to the people from O-Cel-O, they are perfect for cleaning everything from wine glasses to countertops ... anywhere you may have a mess, hot or otherwise.

christian siriano sponge

Christian's been a busy guy since winning that fourth season of Project Runway -- he's had his collections sold on and in Saks Fifth Avenue, he's created a shoe and handbag line for Payless ... he's even written a book Fierce Style: How to Be Your Most Fabulous Self.

I love these sponges. Housework is boring enough as it is, especially trying to scrape crusted mac-n-cheese off Kiddo's Hello Kitty plate or scrubbing hardened cupcake batter off the ceiling (don't ask). I'll take anything that will make it a bit more fun. At only $2.59 for two and a three-pack a mere $3.60, they don't cost that much more than regular yellow sponges. As his former Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn would say, "Make it work!" -- and these make making it work oh so much more fabulous!

Will you buy Christian Siriano's designer sponges?

Images courtesy of O-Cel-O

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