Most Expensive Home in America Is a Rip-Off

most expensive house in americaIt's happened. Someone has bought the most expensive home in America for $100 million. Can we now say that our national housing crisis is over? Or just for the super rich? For whom it was never really a concern anyway. Yep, I think the latter is what we're dealing with here, folks.

But the thing is, this megamillion Silicon Valley home that was scooped up by Russian billionaire investor Yuri Milner only has five bedrooms. Five bedrooms in 30,000 square feet! How can someone spend that much money on a five-bedroom house? I have friends who spent a heck of a lot less on an eight-bedroom house so they could have their entire family stay with them at the holidays. Where is everyone going to stay when they fly all the way from Russia to come check out northern California?

Do you want to know what else is crazy about this unbelievably expensive French chateau-inspired home? A LOT.

  • This palatial home has its own car wash. I guess instead of an extra bedroom?
  • Milner is an investor in Facebook and Groupon (someone please explain to me again how my status updates help these guys grow money).
  • The previous owners also have a pad in Hawaii they're selling for $80 million.
  • The $100 million price tag makes it the most expensive single family home purchase in the US, edging out Donald Trump's $95 million dollar estate sale in Palm Beach, Florida. (The Donald asked $125 million, but only got $95 mil. Poor dude. Ahem.) Also, the Trump estate was purchased by a Russian.
  • The house took eight years to build and the owners/builders kept adding things on and never really knew how much they spent. (Who are these people?)
  • Milner plans on using this as his second home. One can only assume that his first home is the most expensive single family home in Russia.

A rhetorical question: Who spends this much money on a house???


Image via Google Earth

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